Shared art history and personnal art e-stories

Art History & hand-made

This set of digital photographs is a new look at  art history. It comes from a process of appropriation of images. These images are those of products sold on Etsy, a platform of online business specialized in personal creations. Opening at the French market in 2012, it offers a personal window to sell something “handmade”. This “handmade” concept values creations at the crossroad of crafts and design. Have you always wanted to take your coffee sitting in the sofa without moving to reach your cup? Somewhere, somebody has already thought about it and has came up with a solution on Etsy.

Personnal art e-stories

Turning 2010, with the boom of e-phones, phone stands have started to proliferate to erect the main symbols of our digital lives. I have collected visuals of these different kind of bases for one year, fascinated by the personnal stories linked to art history that they conveyed. A digest of temporalities. I decontextualised these products to reveal their e-stories. At the beginning of 2014, Etsy redefines handmade to include factory made.By integrating this industrial production, etsy has been becoming a continuation of  cultural industrialisation as defined by Adorno and Horkenheimer.